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Christian Life Coaching Conference and Gala

Dr. India Logan is leading a Revival conference with Christian business entrepreneurs/ professionals, speakers, and a choir!

This will be a breakthrough experience with networking opportunities & powerful encounters. 

 Four Certified Christian Life Coaches will usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit through song, poetry, testimony, & God-led speeches.

Dr. India will conclude with a sermon.

This Revival will be a breakthrough experience led by Christian life coaches and open for anyone to attend and enjoy.


Saturday, October 28 · 5pm - 9pm CST


 The Villa Coronado Venue

9919 Roosevelt Avenue San Antonio, TX 78214



Revival Conference with food, dessert, music, worship, professional photography, & great speakers 


Formal Gown & Black Tie

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Sponsorships, Fundraisers, & Donations
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Christian Life Coaching Conference and Gala

This Conference & Gala Will Cover

A Powerful Networking Experience for Christians in Business and Entrepreneurship

Presented by Dr. India Logan
Founder & CEO of India's Christian Coaching Academy LLC

Anyone is free to join us for the conference. All are welcome.


If you can't attend but would like to support this Christian Revival Conference, we're accepting sponsorships & donations. We are also selling popcorn as our fundraiser for the conference.

Fists in Solidarity

We're Fundraising with Popcorn!! Would you like some?
Another way to contribute to this event is simply by purchasing popcorn! Yup, you read that right. Kick back and enjoy some popcorn while supporting a good cause. You get to pick from a variety of flavors of popcorn to enjoy! 50% of the proceeds goes towards this year's Christian Gala and Conference. Click here to partake in a  "double good" deed.

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