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Become A Certified Christian Life Coach

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Two Program Study Options for 

Becoming a Certified Christian Life Coach

1. Self- Study: Self Paced (No Live Training Component) 

2. Self-Study: Self Paced &

Weekly Live Trainings with

Dr. India Logan 

months or less

Open Your Own Life Coaching Business 

In just 6 months you can become a Certified Christian Life Coach, launch your own business and be your own boss! A Life Coaching Business can create generational wealth & location freedom.


Dr. India's Christian Coaching Academy provides students with quality education  through web based & live training. You'll develop effective skills & practices conducive for running a profitable coaching business.


Need more information? Watch a live informational replay or attend one! We have live informationals every Tuesday at 6:30 PM CST. Email to attend the next one. 

Benefits of Attending

Dr. India's Christian Coaching Academy


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I have learned a lot about myself through this process and believe CCA will open doors no man can shut. I feel so extremely honored and blessed to be a part of the first CCA class and I am looking forward to being a support for Christian clients around the world.



I was looking for GOD in a Life Coach Curriculum and Dr. India  supplied that! She is also very grounded, authentic, and secure in God’s purpose and she will encourage and pray for you, to help you also become grounded, authentic and to feel secure in your ability to coach others successfully.


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I found exactly what I was looking for in CCA. CCA has excellent practical content! Dr. India’s expertise in the field, plus her anointing, create an invaluable learning experience.


 Annual Graduation Gala

Public Speaking

Expertise & Specialized Topic Discussions 
Dr. India has 10 years of  public speaking experience. She specializes in topics pertaining to spirituality, relationships, overcoming, personal growth, & professional enhancement. *All speeches are developed from a Christian worldview with a biblical framework utilizing scriptural references. 

Meet your Instructor & Life Coach

hey you!

Dr. India is a certified Christian Life Coach, Educator, Public Speaker, and Published Author. 

Currently she Certifies Christian Life Coaches through her academy,

leads leadership and public speaking programs, offers breakthrough courses on various life topics, maintains a coaching clientele, conducts yearly in-person conferences and performs public speeches.


Her expertise is in Spiritual development, overcoming shame and unworthiness, and implementing healthy boundaries with effective communication in relationships.

She is the author of Mornings With God: A Daily Women's Devotional and the creator of Life Lessons for KIDS Flashcards , a stack of flashcards used for helping children navigate practical life skills and lessons.


Dr. India's greatest passion is God, her marriage, and her son.

Dr. India Logan

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