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The Masterclass that
Breaks Through Your Mental & Emotional Blocks & Revitalizes Your Growth

Are you dealing with spiritual & emotional stress? Are you looking to have a breakthrough in your mental, emotional, & spiritual life? Do you want to experience life changing breakthroughs, enhance your life, harbor healthier relationships, heal, & develop? This Whole Woman Masterclass is for YOU!

*Accepting Registrations now through November 6th, 2021
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The Whole Woman Masterclass

The Whole Woman Masterclass is for the woman who is dedicated to growing into the fullness of who she was created to become!

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Who The Whole Woman Masterclass Benefits

  • Designed for the woman who desires to heal, enhance relationships, & discover her purpose

  • Wants to lead a life of peace, healing, & self-awareness with internal confidence

  • Desires to pursue her purpose & passions boldly, confidently, and unapologetically

  • Looks to develop internal confidence and security

  • Wants to enhance her relationships with God, herself, & others

  • Develop healthier thinking 

  • Set her standards & boundaries while implementing effective accountability tactics

  • Wants to naturally radiate what she deserves out of life

  • Manifest internal greatness that radiates outwardly in her life

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What You Will Gain

Tangible techniques and strategies that are effective for healing, healthier relationships, stronger communication, & personal development. You will have a deeper insight and awareness about who God says you are, how to cultivate & maintain peace in your life, effective strategies for healthy relationships, communication strategies, & impactful self care habits. Spiritual and Mental health maintenance. A stronger Christ centered relationship through enhanced study of the word of God.

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What to Expect

You will gain tangible techniques and strategies for healing, effective communication, healthy relationship navigation, and implementation of boundaries and standards. All material is Biblically backed and supported. Dr. India Hall is an experienced and certified Christian life coach who will teach from a life growth model. Expect raw and authentic truth-filled discussions about life topics pertaining to:

  • Purpose/Calling

  • Peace & Healing

  • Internal Confidence 

  • Healthy relationship management

  • Personal development (Challenging thoughts and behaviors)

  • Healthy mental and spiritual health practices 


Hi, I am Dr. India Hall the Certified Christian Life Coach & Founder of The Whole Woman Masterclass

I have helped over two hundred women discover their calling, heal, flourish in relationships, & develop strong communication tactics that evolve their spiritual & mental life habits.

Some of my clients have evolved into the fullness of who they have always desired to become, walked boldly toward their life calling, developed a stronger relationship with God, mended relational dynamics, healed from past traumas, broken ties from toxic dynamics, & flourished in healthier relationships with effective communication tactics.

My mission is to help you grow in all aspects of life.

The Whole Woman Masterclass Schedule

Pick a Zoom Class Date!
Saturday November 6 : 1PM - 2PM Central Time
Sunday November 7: 4PM - 5PM Central Time 

What's Included

1 Hour Live Training via Zoom
Life Growth Model for Healthier Living
Private Support Group
Connect with like-minded women 

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