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So You Want to Be Certified?

God has given you the capacity to reach your full potential. 

Becoming a Certified Christian Life Coach offers you several streams of location, time and financial freedom. This one time investment is a lifetime return on investment with countless opportunities for you.

Take this short quiz to determine if Christian Life Coaching is a good fit for YOU!

Are you interested in a valuable business, helping others achieve their personal, spiritual, & professional goals?

Are you a natural encourager to your family, friends, & colleagues?

Do people often come to you for insight on their next endeavor or current life situation?

Do you exude empathy & compassion for others?

Are you interested in being a Certified Christian Life coach and building clientele? 

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then there is a good chance that you would make an excellent Certified Christian life coach!

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What You'll Learn

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How to Develop a Plan of Action

How to Structure a Life Coaching Session

The Change Process

Empowering Your Clients

Accurately Implement Scripture 

Apply Scripture to Educate & Encourage

Ask the Right Questions

Influence Effective Dialogue

Goal Attainment

Barriers to Goal Attainment

Identifying and Dismantling Spiritual Warfare

ICF Core Competencies/Standard for Coaching

Best Business Practices

Marketing Skills and Tactics


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