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Are you interested in a valuable business, helping others achieve their personal, spiritual, & professional goals?

Are you a natural encourager to your family, friends, & colleagues?

Do people often come to you for insight on their next endeavor or current life situation?

Do you exude empathy & compassion for others?

Are you interested in being a Certified Christian Life coach and building clientele? 

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then there is a good chance that you would make an excellent Certified Christian life coach!

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Is this you!?

People seek you for guidance & leave feeling encouraged

People express that you positively impact their lives

You value personal growth & success


You see potential in others


You dislike seeing people minimize their abilities or shrink themselves instead of leveraging their full potential & capacity to succeed


​You inspire others to reach their goals

You see the potential in others

You are willing to work for personal freedom & financial freedom.

If you answered yes, to most or all of these questions-then it is time to leverage your gifts, fulfill a calling, & earn paying clients in an evolving field. 

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