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Code of Morals & Ethics 

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Dr. India Logan requires excellence in professionalism within the Christian Life Coaching field. Thus, graduates of the academy, and those with credentials exude eminence and prestige.  They uphold the Moral Code of Ethics outlined below. 

Dr. India’s Christian Coaching Academy Code of Morals and Ethics

I vow to uphold a standard of excellence reflecting the belief that I work as if I am working unto the Lord. God, His word, and the Holy Spirit discernment is my source of main reference for quality Christian Life Coaching. I will uphold the following guidelines of ethical and moral principles provided by Dr. India’s Christian Coaching Academy


Section I—Responsibility to Clients


As a CCA Professional, I:

1. Explain and ensure that, prior to or at the initial meeting, my coaching Client(s) and Sponsor(s) understand the difference between a Christian Life coach, counselor, and consultant. My client(s) understand the nature and potential value of Christian life coaching, the nature, and limits of my abilities as a coach, confidentiality, financial arrangements, and any other terms of the coaching agreement.

1.5 Conduct all business in a manner that is favorable and reflective of the high-quality standard that Dr. India’s Christian Coaching Academy teaches.

1.7 Remain honest and humble about my level of expertise and my limitations.

1.8 Reflect Christ in all that I do within the coaching field.

1.9 Avoid over-inflating my ego with infusing Biblical text inaccurately or offering a faulty word not confirmed by the Holy Spirit when helping others. Use authenticity when applying Biblical text, delivering a Holy Spirit utterance to clients, and conducting prayers.

2. Provide an agreement/contract outlining the roles, responsibilities and rights of all parties involved with my Client(s) and Sponsor(s) prior to the commencement of services.

3. Maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all parties as agreed upon. I am aware of and agree to comply with all applicable standards that pertain to personal data and communications.

4. Have a clear understanding with both Clients and Sponsors or interested parties about the conditions under which information will not be kept confidential (e.g., illegal activity, if required by law, pursuant to valid court order or subpoena; imminent or likely risk of danger to self or to others; etc.). Where I reasonably believe one of the above circumstances is applicable, I may need to inform appropriate authorities.

5. Password protect, manage, store and discard of any records, including electronic files and communications, created during my professional encounters to ensure confidentiality, security and privacy which complies with any applicable laws and agreements. Additionally, I will make proper use of emerging and growing technological developments that are being used in coaching services (technology-assisted coaching services) and be aware how various ethical standards apply to them.

6. Remain alert to indications that there might be a shift in the value received from the coaching relationship. If so, make a change in the relationship or encourage the Client(s)/Sponsor(s) to seek another coach, seek another professional or use a different resource.

6.5 Offer my clients information about resources and/or offer contact information to include websites for professionals that can better assist clients or be used as a supplemental help alongside the services the clients are receiving from me.

6.7 Disclose to my Clients any potential compensation or benefits I may receive for referring my Clients to third parties.

7. Respect all parties’ right to terminate the coaching relationship at any point for any reason during the coaching process subject to the provisions of the agreement.

8. I am sensitive to the implications of having multiple contracts and relationships with the same Client(s) and Sponsor(s) at the same time to avoid conflict of interest situations.

9. I acknowledge that I am not my client’s superior, and they are not my inferior.

10. Vow to offer my Clients sound insight (not advise)

11. Commit to providing consistent quality coaching regardless of the agreed upon amount or form of compensation.

Section II—Responsibility to Practice and Performance

As a CCA Professional, I:

12. Adhere to the CCA Code of Ethics in all my interactions. When I become aware of a possible breach of the Code by myself or I recognize unethical behavior in another CCA Professional, I respectfully address the matter with those involved. If no solution is reached, I refer the matter to a formal authority (e.g., CCA) for resolution.

13. Require adherence to the CCA Code of Ethics by all Support Personnel.

14. Commit to excellence through continued education and spiritual, mental, personal, professional, and ethical development.

15. Recognize my personal limitations or circumstances that may impair, conflict with, or interfere with my coaching performance or my professional coaching relationships. I will maintain a support system that helps to keep me accountable and, if necessary, promptly seek relevant professional guidance. This may include suspending or terminating my coaching relationship(s).

16. Resolve any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest by working seeking wise counsel about how to navigate the conflict of interest, refer to another helping professional in the coaching field, and/or suspending temporarily or ending the professional relationship.

17. Maintain the privacy of CCA Members and use the CCA Member contact information (email addresses, telephone numbers, and etc.) only as authorized by CCA or the CCA Member.

Section III—Responsibility to Professionalism

As a CCA Professional, I:

18. Identify accurately my coaching qualifications, my level of coaching competency, expertise, experience, training, certifications, and credentials.

19. Make verbal and written statements that are true and accurate about what I offer as an CCA Professional, what is offered by CCA, the coaching profession, and the potential value of coaching.

20. Communicate and create awareness with those who need to be informed of the ethical responsibilities established by this Code.

21. Maintain responsibility and accountability for being aware of and setting clear, appropriate, and culturally sensitive boundaries that involve interactions, physical or otherwise.

22. Do not engage in any sexual or romantic entanglements, relationships, and interactions with Client(s) or Sponsor(s). If unprofessional encounters commence, I take the appropriate action to address the issue and/or cancel the coaching engagement.

Section IV—Responsibility to Society

As a CCA Professional, I:

23. Have zero tolerance for discrimination by maintaining fairness and equality in all services provided and professional encounters and interactions, while respecting local rules and cultural practices. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination based on age, race, gender expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, social economic status, or marital status.

24. Acknowledge, honor, and respect the contributions and intellectual property of others, only claiming ownership of my material. I understand that breaching this standard can result in legal action.

25. I am honest and work within the parameters of the level of my expertise, and the boundaries of my competence when coaching and reporting research.

26. I am aware of mine and my clients’ impact on society. I adhere to the philosophy of do no harm for the purposes of maintaining an ethical and moral code of conduct.  

27. Report any acts of indecency, harm, or threat to any living and breathing being of existence (People and Animals).

28. Vow to protect vulnerable groups of people by reporting indecent, harmful, or poor treatment of the following: children, minors, elderly, disabled, mentally or physically impaired, incapacitated, and any other group vulnerable to harm, abuse, or deemed overpowered.

The Pledge of Ethics


I pledge to adhere to the ethical and moral code of conduct as outlined above by Dr. India’s Christian Coaching Academy.

I vow to exude eminence, class, professionalism, and distinction in the Christian Life Coaching field.

I vow to model my heart after Jesus, love people where they are, and offer hope to a world in need of guidance.

I vow to respect my client’s boundaries and standards, and to lead with excellence.

I vow to commit my practice to the Lord’s direction and to lead from a Biblical framework of professionalism.

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